Earthly Elan represents all the wonder the colors of nature offer. growing up on Cape Cod and later becoming a                                                                                resident of New Hampshire, I have a vast appreciation for camping in the mountains, kayaking in the rivers, and                                                                     hiking wild trails in addition to long sunny days on the beach. i have met delightful, creative, and talented                                                                           people along the way who taught me about reiki, feng shui, nature, and gemstones-i loved it all. I learned more                                                                     about being an environmental advocate. and above all, i knew i wanted to capture all of this within my arts                                                                         and share it with the community.     


                                                   the name Earthly Elan speaks to the elements of the earth in these creations, and an homage to our planet. The word 'Elan' means energy, style, and enthusiasm. its synonyms include elegance, grace, and sophistication. These are the qualities I want to infuse in each and every piece I offer. The bright, clear aqua represents beautiful blue skies and crystalline waters. The soft, lush spring green represents wide grassy fields and trees. There are accents of soft brown for earth and mountains, and traces of lavender for calm twilight. All of the items at earthly elan are handcrafted with great care, pride, and attention to detail. I am passionate about rich, monochromatic tones, high quality materials, varied textures, and an underlying inspiration of the comforts of home. When I first heard the Danish concept of "hygge", a word used to describe the feeling of coziness, comfort, wellness, and contentment, I knew that was what I was hoping to embody in each of the products I developed. I hope you will think of each item as a gift of 'hygge' from the comforts of my home to yours, and know that they are made with love.


When I am not crafting, you may find me at the beach or on the water. I have spent the last several years working in the environmental field, studying marine creatures and the interactions between humans and the seacoast. Because of my firsthand experiences with the effects and consequences of our actions, it is deeply important to me to produce ethical, local, and environmentally friendly products as much as possible. I use recyclable or reusable containers, plastic-free packaging, and natural products whenever the option exists. In production, I am mindful of waste and minimize excess, working constantly toward a smaller environmental footprint. It is my great hope to be a model for sustainability and to pass on the message; I hope I can inspire you to be mindful in your purchases and usage everyday.

I am very grateful for your continued support of Earthly Elan and the opportunity to realize my dreams. I appreciate your support of local small businesses, here and throughout New England, who have so much to offer and such great passion in their crafts.

I wish you good health, much happiness, and lots of love and luck--from my family to yours.

With Love,

A, C, and Bessie

        Welcome to Earthly Elan!

©2019 by Earthly Elan 

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