Being Consciously Grateful

Although 2019 just got off the ground, so much has happened in the last month that it really feels as if February marks the beginning of the year all over again! The chaos that surrounds change has begun to subside, and in the settling dust I am reminded to be 'consciously' grateful for all we have--because everything can change in an instant. There truly is "No day but today".

The last year ended with significant career moves for both C and I; partially by choice, and partially by fate. For a short time, we anguished over the future, what might come to pass, and about how this might impact our daily lives. And just as we feared the worst, the clouds broke and the sun shone and we realized this was meant to be after all!

As I settle in to my new role at one of the nation's top charitable foundations, I think about not only how fortunate I am, but also how fortunate we all are to have each other in this community. Even when the country feels like it's in despair, watching charitable giving pour in to the foundation year round reminds me that people-and lots of them-are constantly thinking of others and how they might do their part to contribute to the community. Donations span across so many focus areas-animal welfare, education, support for youth and families, environmental initiatives, and more. It is a comfort to know that everywhere, there are kind hands and warm hearts reaching across in an invisible network ready to catch our neighbor if they should fall.

Reflecting upon the last month, I have made a concentrated effort to be consciously grateful. I'd like to think that I am a grateful person in general who does not take things for granted, but the winter has been sprinkled with moments in time where I paused to really consider what life could be like if things were different. I am grateful to have taken a chance on a new opportunity, and in turn received a chance to receive the opportunity. I am grateful on the coldest nights of the year, as I hurry up the front steps, back to the wind, that I have a key to turn in the lock of a warm home with a happy cat waiting inside. I am grateful for the cozy ambiance of the living room while I look out through frosted glass at swirling snow and relentless gusts of wind. I am grateful to for the gift of time every day with my family, enjoying a hot meal together and relaxing with a treasure trove of new beads and findings to create with. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passions and work in a field that supports, encourages, and expands my creativity, both on and off the clock.

This February, during the month of Valentine's Day-a day to be celebrated not only for romantic relationships, but all loving relationships, I encourage you to move through the cold and dark of February toward the light of love, friendship, and gratitude. Remember that you are not alone, and that just around the corner, waiting beyond the horizon, could be your next big opportunity. Remember to be consciously grateful; live in the moment and observe and take note of the daily comforts that are easiest to forget but hardest to live without.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Think our collection is big enough yet?

New in the shop this February-BEADS! Our dear friend at The Bead Apothecary is closing her bead shop to work on one of her many other creative endeavors, including jewelry design! We have been inspired for a long time at the Craftery by her colorful and unique selection of Czech glass beads, and have expanded our offerings to begin carrying a variety of firepolished, pressed glass, and table cut Czech glass beads. We have a small preliminary offering up on the site, and plan to expand steadily throughout the year as we select vendors to work with. We are BEYOND excited to bring one of our great passions to share with you...we love 'buying' the beads almost as much as we love 'creating' with them!

Newly added-the February Canalside Collection, based on the photography of Dennis Weeks! If you don't already follow us on Instagram, please check us out and click 'Follow', and be sure to check out Dennis' page as well. All items from the collection are now listed in the shop for purchase.

Our first fairs of the season are now posted on our FaceBook events; you can find us at Bedford Fields Winter Market 2019 on Feb. 9, as well as the NH Small Business Fair in Chester on March 30! Stay connected to these events via Facebook, and we hope to see you there! Stay warm out there!



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